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Sexy Webcam Girl's body started to slowly grind against mine as she continued kissing me. The sensation of her kisses and the friction between our bodies already had my cock about as hard as it could possibly be but I wasn't about to rush anything. My big, strong hands moved down to Sexy Webcam Girl's ass and I gave her bottom a light squeeze.

Sexy Webcam Girl straightened up and looked down at me with her sparkling blue eyes. She smiled softly as she reached down, grabbed the bottom of her white sweater and slowly peeled it up off of her supermodel body revealing a very sexy black lace bra underneath. She tossed the sweater towards the divider and smiled, her blue eyes once again staring into mine.

"You are a goddess," I said as I took her in as she straddled me. Her breasts were works of art, not too big and not too small. Her red lips were calling to me and having her long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail made her look like a cute college coed.

"You're not so bad yourself," she said seductively. My eyes kept moving back and forth from her stunning blue eyes to her voluptuous breasts in that black lace bra. She leaned closer, giving me the perfect view of her 34Bs. Her sweet floral scent stronger now that the sweater was gone and the scent of roses filled my senses and fueled my burning desire for Sexy Webcam Girl.

My hands slid slowly up her bare torso and I pulled her down to me so I could kiss her soft, supple breasts. My right hand slid behind her back and released her black lace bra with a snap and it fell down onto my chest. Sexy Webcam Girl's nipples were soft, light pink, and puffy, I couldn't resist softly kissing and nibbling on them. She moaned as I sucked gently on her left nipple and then let my tongue make soft circles around her delicate flesh.

I gave Sexy Webcam Girl's right nipple the same treatment then reached up and grabbed onto her ponytail as I pulled her beautiful lips back to mine for another kiss. My body was on fire for Sexy Webcam Girl. Everything seemed like it was going in slow motion and I was savoring each and every millisecond. The way she kissed me was incredible; each kiss was filled with passion, longing, and desire. She made me want to worship her like a princess and punish her like a dirty little slut all at the same time.

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